Customer Service

Because CUProdigy is a CUSO, the organization was founded with the primary purpose of solving customer problems. That purpose remains an important part of who we are today. Personalized customer service is recognized and appreciated as one of CUProdigy’s greatest strengths. Customers love the fact that when they have a problem or a product idea, they can call and speak directly with a person who has the knowledge and authority to address their concern. In fact, our customer support staff boasts an average of over 8 years of experience responding to client concerns.

Sometimes, frontline support isn’t enough to address the deep needs of our customer members. In such cases, our software developers are also available to explain, decipher or otherwise offer support to our clients. They can even help with custom projects or personalized modifications.

CUProdigy—-where outstanding customer service is the rule, not the exception!

Support Hours

  • Monday-Friday 6am – 6pm MST*
  • After hours and weekend support are available


To Receive Support


*Excluding official CUProdigy holidays.
After hours and weekend support may be reached by calling CUProdigy’s regular support number and following the prompts to reach the on-call support.
These calls are normally billable at CUProdigy’s after hour rates.
On any faxed or emailed issues, please make sure that you reference your name, credit union name, contact information and full description
of what the problem is and what steps you took to receive the problem. For urgent issues, it is always best to call CUProdigy.