Collaboration is at the very heart of CUProdigy. CUProdigy was founded in 1991 by a group of forward-thinking credit union executives who recognized that, working together, they could produce a superior core processing system for less than the cost of a traditional system.

While CUProdigy’s technologies have continuously advanced since the company’s founding, the same collaborative spirit continues to guide our organization today. As a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), CUProdigy is committed to facilitating collaborative IT solutions for the benefit of our credit union partners. This philosophy reflects our determination to empower credit unions through the implementation of technology solutions, enabling them to accomplish their corporate objectives.

In the true spirit of cooperation, our partner credit unions have always enjoyed managing the growth of CUProdigy and directing the development of our software products. The latest result of that collaboration is CUProdigy, the newest iteration of our core processing system. CUProdigy was developed under the constant direction of our credit union partners. Using their needs and functionality concerns as a guide, we have crafted a system that truly delivers the finest core processing in the industry.