Built on an open architecture, CUProdigy can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual customers.


When a need arises, customers can talk directly to a person capable of addressing that need immediately.


As a CUSO, CUProdigy was designed to save money and solve problems for its customers, not simply to make a profit. CUProdigy is on the same team as the credit unions it serves.

Easy to Use

Built upon the active input of credit union executives, CUProdigy is organized and makes sense to those working within credit unions.

The CUProdigy Promise

  • CUProdigy Enables Users

    Because of its superiority and customization, CUProdigy facilitates improvement. It makes the user more productive, more intelligent, and more capable of getting the job done.
  • CUProdigy is Collaborative

    As a credit union owned enterprise, CUProdigy facilitates communication and knowledge sharing among its partners. Not only do customers benefit from membership in an ownership community, CUProdigy receives invaluable feedback from its users and owners. This allows the company to build products which perfectly satisfy customer needs.
  • CUProdigy offers superior recovery solutions.

    Disasters happen in every industry, but credit unions can’t afford to allow the consequences of disaster to linger. Recovery systems are an important product feature and CUProdigy offers faster and more comprehensive disaster recovery systems at an affordable cost.


  • With little over a month to go until our contract with Fiserv expired, we secured a unanimous decision from our management team to convert to CU Prodigy. And we never looked back.
    Jason Nelson, Vice President of Development, Red Rocks Credit Union
  • We’ve been with CUProdigy for over 20 years. As one of the owners of the CUSO, we like having a say in the growth and direction of our processing software. We wouldn’t have it any other way!
    Jack, CFO, American United Family of Credit Unions
  • I've had the privilege of utilizing CUProdigy's software for the last nine years and even more blessed to work with their amazing staff. Their personal integrity and their genuine desire to partner with credit unions to develop a relevant product that speaks and evolves with the credit union movement, is second to none.
    Karey, V.P. Admin & Operations, Les Bois Federal Credit Union
  • CUProdigy‘s ongoing and continuous upgrades to our system allow us to focus on our members, and helps us to optimize our time with them.
    Shelly, Financial Service Representative, Les Bois Federal Credit Union
  • The staff at CUProdigy is always working with us to find solutions that are perfect for our needs; whether it is developing new programming or just a little extra training, they’re phenomenal.
    Jane, Accounting Assistant, Les Bois Federal Credit Union
  • Partnering with CUProdigy has easily been one of the smartest business decisions we’ve made -- we’ve saved money on our processing, our data is secure, and our employees simply love the processing system.
    Jeff, CFO, Wasatch Peaks Credit Union
  • CUProdigy, teamed with its open MySQL database provides a powerful tool, with unlimited data mining and reporting capabilities. This access to our data has proven to be invaluable in our day to day operations.
    Darren, IT Manager, Wasatch Peaks Credit Union
  • I love the look and feel of the system. It is so easy to use, as everything is right in front of your face. With our old system, you had to click on 7 different screens to get to one item. On a scale of 1 to 10 -- it’s a 14!
    Jill, Teller, Wasatch Peaks Credit Union
  • I really appreciate the support I get from the CUProdigy staff. They are great to work with, and very personable.
    Lucinda, Teller, Idadiv Credit Union
  • There is always a cheerful voice on the phone when calling CUProdigy, which makes me feel like they are really happy to help me.
    Terry, Loan Officer, Idadiv Credit Union
  • I am most impressed with CUProdigy’s customer service. Issues are usually resolved during the initial phone call, if not, typically the same day. It’s a pleasure working with a support staff that truly cares about us!
    Bob, VP Lending, Idadiv Credit Union